Wednesday, June 30, 2010

random news

Hitchens trying out water-boarding - word is he didn't last 30 seconds

Christopher Hitchens is having chemo on his esophegus, which sounds horribly serious.

P Z Myers is fascinated about the lack of fuss we're making about our new, openly atheist PM [about her atheism, I mean]. In fact, it seems he's intrigued by the whole Gillard thing, but he has also found, sadly, that she's against gay marriage. In this interview she gives no reasons for her position. My guess is she's being 'pragmatic' or vote-driven. She doesn't want to alienate too many conservatives. It may be also that, being unmarried herself, she's not too hung up on marriage, and would like to see straights and gays alike getting over it. That's more or less my position, but it's also clear that a lot of people won't get over it and would like to see there relationships sanctioned by ritual [Michael Kirby and partner, for example], and it seems mean-spirited not to give them that if they want it. So, disappointing.

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