Friday, May 7, 2010

on the endless struggle to make decision-makers accountable

On bringing heads of state to justice, on amnesties and immunities and the like, I must repeat that I'm on the side of getting stuck into political leaders, making them suffer for how they've made their people suffer. It's a slow process, but it should always be remembered that a century ago, the idea of bringing heads of state to account was virtually inconceivable.
So commendation is due to Charlotte Dennett and her ilk, for having the guts to at least try to stick it to George Bush and his henchmen, for flouting the law and common decency in bringing war to a people who did nothing to deserve it, as well as imposing it upon the military of their own country, with devastating consequences for so many ordinary front-liners. While I'm interested in the current pressure on the Pope and the Vatican, there's no doubt in my mind that particular members of the Bush administration are the greater criminals.
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